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Our services

Real estate agency

We promote your residential or commercial real estate listings through a wide range of advertising and networking resources:

  • On our website with a local and international positioning on which we spend a lot of professionalism and care;
  • On the major social networks, in order to showcase your real estate to the widest possible audience.
  • On other real estate portals with which we collaborate.
  • On various real estate agencies Internet networks
  • In real estate magazines
  • In the press in general
  • With our potential buyers
  • Our presence in various countries as well as our network and our experience of cross border transactions extend the visibility of your real estate beyond your national market.

We will simultaneously do a free estimate of your building’s market value as it is of utmost importance to determine the correct asking price based on its objective characteristics. This applies also to a residential rental property or commercial properties for lease.

We also collect the technical and legal documentation of your real estate in order to present a clear situation to potential buyers.

Once the right buyer has been found, we accompany the parties throughout the sale legal process up to the execution of the deed.

The purpose of our service as a real estate agency is to ensure that the process of promoting properties for sale or properties to rent occurs as smoothly and profitably as possible. In fact, the theory of negotiation commonly recognized the importance of a "go between" who will give time for thought between positions and greatly reduce the impact of personal and emotional factors.

Property management

Our international structure, our multilingualism and multiculturalism allows us to offer the best solutions for managing your real estate in the various countries where we operate.

We offer our expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Technical: from the search for tenants, their approval process, maintenance of the buildings  and up to the tenants’ exit procedures.
  • Tax (domestic and international)
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Legal

Managing offices and industrial or commercial properties for rent is first and foremost technical (including aspects such as hygiene and safety regulations). We strive to satisfy the users in order to ensure a long term relationship while maximizing the investor’s return.

Our management of residential equally seeks to ensure long term relationships with the tenants while aiming at reducing vacancies.

In both cases we are very conscious of the need for optimizing maintenance costs and recurring expense such as insurances.

Property development

One can define the function of the developer as a mandate to build on behalf of the owner, for a set price, one or more buildings as well as taking care, for a set fee, of all the legal, administrative and financial tasks pertaining to the project.

To prepare a development project is sometime the best way to improve one’s profit: dividing into plots, making improvements, building...

We stand ready to examine these options and their feasibility, organize the project and bring it to a successful completion.

By insuring that the right financial structure is set up, a good financial engineering expertise is the key to success. To excel in contacts with people is also very important as well as good negotiating abilities to interact with the many different actors involved in a development project.